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ARCHIVES '2014-2015

"Application Programming: Mobile Computing"

INAE00112 - Advanced programming course for Internet Engineering speciality
Lecturer:  Marek Piasecki, PhD
Tutorial hours:  Mon 15:00-17:00, Wed 8-9,  Fri 13:00-14:00, room 324/C3
  Lecture Laboratory
Hours / sem. (h) : 30 30
Exam / Course work : CW  
ECTS : 5 -
Workload (h) : 60 90 

Archival materials: 
lecture'12  ,
lab'12  , project'12  
for the course of the year 2012

lecture'13  , lab'13  ,
for the year 2013

lecture'14  , lab'14  ,
for the year 2014

Complete overview of fundamental problems, technologies and paradigms related to mobile systems. Understanding of mobile service architectures, wireless/mobile networks and characteristic limitation of mobile devices. Hands-on experience in programming advanced mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. Knowledge of modern trends in mobile applications including: user focused and context-dependent services, ubiquitous entertainment and wearable computing.
Mobile phone/PDA programming targeting various hardware and programming environments: Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems. Handling essential limitations of mobile environment: restricted user interface, limited computational performance, memory-awareness, power management, security and privacy in mobile applications. Mobile networks (GPRS, EDGE, 3G), wireless personal area networks based on Bluetooth or WiFi technologies. Location and privacy protection in mobile wireless networks. Addressing and routing to mobile users. Disconnection handling - data synchronization. Mobile databases. Location/context aware services. Mobile multimedia and TV.

Teaching materials for the lecture '2015:


[1]    M. Ilyas ,I. Mahgoub, Mobile computing handbook
[2]    T. Mikkonen, Programming mobile devices: an introduction for practitioners
[3]    F. Fitzek, F. Reichert, Mobile phone programming and its application to wireless networking
[4]    P. Golding, Next generation wireless applications: creating mobile applications in a Web 2.0 and Mobile 2.0 world
[5]    P. Coulton, R. Edwards, H. Clemson, S60 Programming: A Tutorial Guide
[6]    A. Wigley, D. Moth, P. Foot, Microsoft® Mobile Development Handbook