PhD  Marek Piasecki (short C.V.)

    Born: 1964,  Wrocław, Poland

        1988 - M.Sc. in Automatics
        1990 - M.Sc. in Computer Science
        1995 - Ph. D. in Robotics

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    Current position:
        Senior Lecturer at Institute of Computer Engineering, Control and Robotics,
        Wrocław University of Science and Technology

    Current areas of interest:

    Previous research experience:
        1987-1988  - Path planning methods for redundant manipulators
        1989-1990  - project CPBP 02.13 - Navigation system for mobile robot
                              world modeling and collision free path planning
        1991-1994 - Ph.D. study - localisation methods for mobile robots
        1995           - post doc. training at LAMI EPFL laboratory (Lausanne, Switzerland)
                             microrobotics, behavioral and fuzzy control
        1996-1998 - university grants at Wrocław University of Technology
                           - multisensor data aggregation, mobile robot's world modeling
        1999 -2005 - reactive and behavioral control,
                           - real time robotics - RoboCup league,
                           - experimental robotics - LEGO MindStorms