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Hi !


Welcome  to my homepage !!!
Unfortunaltely, most of the materials are still in Polish. Sorry  :-(
But scientific page is in English. Why not visit it now ?
Try the rest, Polish is not so difficult.

Scientific research:

previous (robotics):

Lectures, teaching materials:

Something about me:  (under construction)

Contact - Postal address:
Dr Marek Piasecki
Department of Computer Engineering
Wroc³aw University of Science and Technology
ul. Janiszewskiego 11/17
50-372 Wroc³aw

(previous:  Institute of Computer Engineering, Control and Robotics)
Tel:  (+48 71) 320-20-15
Fax: (+48 71) 321-26-77 

E-mail: Marek.Piasecki pwr.edu.pl

Created: 01-10-1998.
Last modified: 01-02-2016